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 In october 2000 Sekasorto was asked to play at Rauhanasema Hki and then a new member Tony joined the band.

Band was also in Studio 4.2.2001 and made demo-cd with 6 new songs

April 2001: a few updates have been made in this site. ( f.ex ) history

May 2001:  Mp3 and photos will be uploaded soon...

19.5.2001 band recorded 3 songs for compilation cd. Cd may come out in late summer..

Email-address has changed new E-mail address is on our contactpage.

Sekasorto will play anywhere, as long as travelling expences are paid! Contact us through our e-mail.

WANTED : photos and articles of Sekasorto, especially the old ones from 80´s.All material will be returned to you.